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Peeblesshire map

Newlands parish is in the north of Peeblesshire on the border with Midlothian. It is bounded on the east by Eddleston. Kirkurd, Stobo and Lyne are to to the south and West Linton to the west. The church is on the banks of Lyne Water with few houses in the immeidiate vicinity. The present building was erected in 1838. The ruins of the original Saxon & Gothic church are close by. The parish war memorial is on the wall of the church. Drochil Castle, which dates from the late 16th century stands above the junction of Lyne Water and Tarth Water. The parishes of Newlands and Kirkurd have been combined and this new parish is linked with West Linton

Old Parish Records cover the periods:

  • Births: 1661-1854 (Mothers' names are not recorded until about 1809)
  • Marriages: 1677-1790, 1838-1854
  • Deaths: No entries
Newlands Old Parish Church Newlands Old Parish Church

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Map of Newlands from Quarter-inch to the mile, Scotland, 1921-1923 or One-inch to the mile, Popular edition, Scotland, 1920-1930
by kind permission of the National Library of Scotland.
Use the control at the top left of the map to zoom in or out and drag the map left, right, up, or down as you wish.

Other Sources

Scottish Borders Archives, The Hub, Hawick

School Records

The National Archives of Scotland

Newlands kirk session records (Ref - CH2/543)

Newlands United Presbyterian Church records (Ref - CH3/373)

When an unpopular minister was settled in 1791, some parish members left the Established Church and obtained supply of sermon from the Relief Presbytery of Edinburgh and built a church in 1793.


Newlands Old Parish Church
19th century account of Newlands

Place and Farm names appearing in census records

1841 census: Newlands, Romanno Bridge, Dovecot, Noblehall,Newlands, Whiteside, Flemington Mill, Drochill, Old Stevenston, New Stevenston, Drochill Castle, Scotston Bank, Scotston, Scotston Rig, Scotston Entry Head, Scotston Park, Mountain's Cross, Callands, Nether Callands, Bordlands, Linton Road End, Figland, Greenhead, Romanno, Halmyre Deans, Stony Knowe, West Halmyre, Upper Halmyre, Nether Halmyre, Woodend, New Kaimhouse,Old Kaimhouse, Boghouse, Waterside,Romanno Bank, Goldies Mill, Damside, Hamilton Hall, Noble House, Bogend, Woodend, Grassfield, Plewlands Mains, Plewlands, Macbiehill, Sunny side, Dodhead, Coal Lodge, Bents, Lime kilns, Cabbagehall, Bankhead, Lint Mill, Parkend, Whitemuir, Loanhead, Grange, Lamancha, Madrissa, Cowdenburn, Whim House, Roorinlees, Blinkbonnie, West Deans, East Deans, Mitchelhill, West Leadburn, East Leadburn, Blaircochrane, Keltgreen

1851 census: Newlands, Lamancha, Parkend, Whitmoor, Plewland Mains, Noblehouse, Grassfield, Roodineys, Easter Deans, Blinkbonnie, Wester Deans, Mitchellhill, Wester Leadburn, Wester Deans, Easter Leadburn, Old Smithy, Blaircochrane, Whim House, Whim Gate, Whim Fram, Cowdenburn,Goldie's Mill, Romano, Fingland, Deans, Hallmyre, Over Hallmyre, Grange, Lamancha, Pond, Macbiehill, Bankhead, Bent's Quarry, Bents, Sunnyside, Dodhead, Plewland, Bogend, Woodend, Murrayshall, Kamhouse, Park Neuk, Stevenston, Flemington Mill, Whiteside, Noblehall, Romanno Bridge, Dovecote, Greenhead, Damside, Stonyknowe, Boghouse, Waterside, Old Kaim, Borland Kaims, Hamilton Hall, Borland, Mountain Cross, Callands, Drochill Castle, Upper Drochill, West Drochill, Scotston Bank, Scotston, Blityth Bridge, Scotston Rig, Scotston Park Nuick.

1861 census: Newlands, Tilery, Parkend, Whitmoor, Plewland Mains, Noblehouse, Grassmoor, Roodilees, Wester Deans, Eeaster Deans, Blinkbonnie,Mitchelhill, Easter Deans, Old Smithery, Blaircochrane, Whim, Cowdenburn, Madrisa, Romanno Bank, Goldies Mill, Damside, Waterside, Broomhouse,Boghouse,Old Camhouse,New Camhouse, Woodend, Plewlands, Sunnyside, Hedgend, Bents, Quarry House, Cabbage Hall,Bankhead, Macbiehill, Waulk Mill, Grange, LamanchaStoneyknowe,Halmyre, Stevenson, Flemington, Whiteside, Noblehall, Romanno Bridge, Dovecot, Greenhead, Fingland, Romanno Mains, Halmyre Dean Upper halmyre Goldies Mill, Callands Gate, Old Callands, Drochil, Ashdod, Scotston Knowe, Scotston ,Knocknows, Scotston Rigg, Castle Craig, Parkneuk, Mountain Cross, Bordland Entry, Hamilton Hall, Bordland Kaims, Acorn Lodge, Borland Bridgend.


Here are some figures showing the parish's population through time:

Peeblesshire Map