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Our Archive and Search Room is open every Tuesday and Thursday from 10am to 4pm and by confirmed appointment at other times.


See the Monumental Inscriptions volumes produced by the Society for details of gravestone or tombstone inscriptions in a specific cemetery or burial place and other sources from that locality containing family names, and examples of two inscriptions.

Search the Gravestones (Tombstones) Index if you are interested in a specific surname.

See the Poor Law Records volumes produced by the Society for details of poor law records in a specific parish and other sources from that locality containing names, place of birth, date of birth or age, residence - sometimes just the village or town, description of disablement, date of death.

Search the Poor Law Records Index for a name and birth place.

See or download the Sales List  for a full list of books, paper documents, CDs, magazines, and maps that we have for sale.
This Sales List also contains diagrams of the parish maps for the counties of Berwickshire, Peeblesshire, Roxburghshire, and Selkirkshire.
Postage must be paid on the total weight of the order.
See the Postage Table for postage costs, and acceptable forms of payment.

There are also Publication Reviews which you may find interesting, of various publications, some of which we offer on our sales list.

Please send your orders to: Borders Family History Society, 52 Overhaugh St, Galashiels, TD1 1DP, Scotland.
Please read our Terms of Sale for Publications, before sending your order.
At the moment we don't have an online shopping facility. You may send your order by email, at your own risk, we do not recommend it, though no problems have been reported to us; or contact our Sales Convenor using our Contact Form - Order for Publications for further information.

Back Issues 
Previous issues of the magazine. Search the Articles Index if you are interested in a specific surname or locality.
Copies of most issues of past magazines are available; at a cost of 1.00 per issue plus postage.
When a magazine is not available we are happy to photocopy any article therefrom at a cost of 1.
See or download our Sales List  for details of the magazines available.
Please note: Postage must be paid on the total weight of the order.
See the Postage Table for postage costs and acceptable forms of payment.

Postage Table
Use this table to calculate the postage to be paid on your order.
UK and Overseas postage rates changed on 26 March 2018 to the rates shown below.

UK postage rates are complicated, as they depend on size of the package and its weight. For UK orders, use Large Letter rates for 1 item, and Parcel rates for 2 or more items. If we find that we can post more cheaply in a different way, we'll do that, and refund the difference.

Calculate the total weight of your order, and read off the postage cost in the table below, for your locality, postage method, weight and the number of items.

Weight (g)UK -
1st Class -
Large Letter Rate
UK -
2nd Class -
Large Letter Rate
Air Mail
World Zone 1
Air Mail
World Zone 2
Air Mail
Surface Mail
0-100£1.01 £0.79£4.15£4.85£5.25£3.90
101-250£1.40 £1.26£4.45£5.55£6.05£4.20
251-500£1.87 £1.64£6.20£8.50£9.20£6.10
501-750£2.60 £2.22£7.45£10.95£11.65£7.15
751-1,000- -£8.65£13.35£14.10£8.55
 Small Parcel Small Parcel(Note 2)(Note 2)(Note 2)(Note 2)

Postal Charges Notes
1. World Zone 2 includes Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Oceania.
Europe includes Eire and Russia.
World Zone 1 comprises all other countries.
2. For packages over 1kg, please contact us for postage rates.

Forms of Payment
We accept payment by cheque drawn on a UK bank in £ sterling please, made payable to Borders Family History Society.
Alternatively, you may pay by debit or credit card.
Please provide your full card number, name (as printed on the card), postal address, email address / telephone number, card type (Discover, Mastercard, Visa), start date, end date, 3 digit security number, issue no (if there is one).