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The Parish of Eckford is in Lower Teviotdale in east Roxburghshire and includes the villages of Eckford, Eckfordmoss, Cessford, and Caverton. The Parish of Crailing lies to the west, with the Parishes of Roxburgh and Kelso to the north whilst on the east are the Parishes of Linton and Morebattle, the Parish of Hounam is on the south and the Parish of Oxnam is to the south-west.

Eckford, along with Ancrum, Crailing and Lilliesleaf, is now part of the Ale & Teviot United parish.

Old Parish Records cover the periods:

  • Births: 1694 to 1854.
  • Marriages: 1694 to 1854.
  • Deaths: 1783 to 1793.
Eckford Parish Church. Eckford Parish Church.

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Becton Eckford and William Wallace Eckford, Sergeants, 4th Tennessee Infantry Regt, CSAAccount of Becton Eckford and William Wallace Eckford, and their activities in the Tennessee Infantry Regt, CSA.3 pages or more 40Jeffry W. Gatlin 
A grave look at the BordersThis must be one of the great stories ever to be printed in our magazine - it is the story of grave snatchers, and how one brave chap got his just reward.4 pages or more 21Ian Abernethy 
Fredrick Thomas EckfordBiography of F T Eckford, Second Lieutenant, 12th (Greenís) Tennessee Cavalry Regt.1 page or more 43Jeffry W. Gatlin 
FairbairnA modern day manipulator who could be better than a Doctor for pains. Got Rugby players who got hurt at the weekend and she would fix them up.2 pages or more 36kind permission of Kelso Museum 

Map of Eckford from UK Great Britain, Ordnance Survey one-inch to the mile (1:63,360), 'Hills' edition, 1885-1903
by kind permission of the National Library of Scotland.
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Map of Eckford from UK Ordnance Survey Historical Maps from 1919-1947
by kind permission of the National Library of Scotland.
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20 Most Common Surnames

The 20 most common surnames on gravestones recorded by us in the Eckford monumental inscriptions volume are (number of gravestones in brackets): THOMSON (20), SCOTT (16), ROBSON (14), LAIDLAW (14), BROWN (14), SMITH (14), YOUNG (14), BELL (13), CAIRNS (12), GRAY (11), WOOD (11), JOHNSTON (11), CLARK (11), WILSON (10), RUTHERFORD (10), TURNBULL (10), OLIVER (10), BALMER (9), BURNS (9), TAIT (9).

Other Sources

Scottish Borders Archives, The Hub Hawick

School Records

Poor Law

The National Archives of Scotland

Kirk Session Records (Ref - CH2/978).

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Berwickshire Naturalists' Club


Parish History Website contains a history of the area and details of persons associated.
A Parish Website contains history of Parish and transcription of War Memorial.
Stobie's Map of Roxburghshire of 1770.
The RCAHMS website Scotland's Places contains details of;

Place and Farm names in Census Records

1841 census: Eckford, Wooden, Eckford Moss, Blinkbonny, Haughead, Mosstower, Grahamslaw, Kalewaterfoot, Ormiston, Kalemouth, Kirbank, Eckford Village, Cessford, Essex Mains, Marchcleugh, Marlefield, Whinnyhouses, Caverton Mill, Broom Cavers, Caverton, Kersknow, Mainhouse, Beamount Forest.

1851 census: Eckford, Eckfordmoss, Wooden, Upper Wooden, Mosstower, Haughhead, Grahamslaw, Sunlaws, Kalewaterfoot, Kalemouth, Ormiston, Old Ormiston, Kirkbank, Caverton Mill, Cavers, Hillhead, Caverton, Caverton Mains, Kersknowe, Gowdens, Mainhouse, Mainhouse, Springfield, Bowmont, Marchcleugh, Cessford, Dykehead, Essex Mains, Whinny House, Marlfield.

1861 census: Eckford, Upper Wooden, Under Wooden, Eckford Moss, Mosstower, Eckford Mill, Haughhead, Grahamslaw, Sunlaws, Kalemouth, Ormiston, Old Ormiston, Ormiston Mains, Kirkbank, Cessford, Marlfield, Easter Wooden, Blinkbonny, Caverton, Hillhead, Bowmont, Springfield, Gowdens, Kersknowe.


The population has been recorded as follows:

Roxburghshire map